Do you need a fresh, proactive look at what you always thought were givens?

Whether you have to negotiate your way around a crisis or just want to make sure that you have verification routines and corrective actions that really work.

You have come to the right place.

The Food Safety Modernization Act created a new lexicon and requirements for domestic food processors and companies who export food or ingredients to the US.


Preventive Controls can be onerous–too little, too many, too late–and may look great to you, but not to food safety inspectors or in a response to a Facebook post.

Work with a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI Certificate 43e3b26d) who has extensive media, food, water and organizational change experience.

We can galvanize your team and get everyone listening to each other–across functions and disciplines–and crystallize a plan that can be implemented and stays in place over time.


Manufacturing food/ingredients for export to the US? Or importing to the USA?

How do you comply with the required Supplier Verification and iron out the wrinkles in your process so it complements (not competes) with your other priorities?

Work with a Certified Foreign Supplier Verification Program Qualified Individual (Certificate 23b0d276) who understands both sides and both cultures.

We can help your team develop a program that gives the customer and the inspector what they need upfront.

Hazard Analysis/
Risk Assessment

Need a fresh eye to review what your team might be taking for granted?

The risks you know so well are often the ones you don’t see until the recall investigation.

Work with a science-focused government affairs expert who can identify the real hazards and balance prevention and corrective actions.

We can help your team see another perspective and connect it to the bottom line – where it belongs.