Phyllis Butler Posy, President of PosyGlobal, is known for her tenacious advocacy of public health and her successful implementation of unique and innovative solutions.

Phyllis brings eclectic experience as a doer, mover and shaker/change agent:

She served as a Congressional Legislative Assistant in Washington and as a journalist and investigative reporter in Western Pennsylvania.

As one of Pittsburgh’s City Planners, she addressed budget obstructions by developing a computerized tracking system and an inventory management system. She used the data to persuade City Council to restructure their allocations so new parks would be properly maintained at a lower cost.

Phyllis is the problem solver’s secret weapon. She sifts through the noise, identifies the issues, maps the pathway to the solution, and moves you quickly to implementation and success.

Phyllis has worked around and through seemingly intractable obstacles:

  • Led a strategic initiative to reorganize Westinghouse Electric Corp., at the time 150,000 employee domestic US company, into a global matrix management system.
  • Produced a weekly TV show on taxes as part of her campaign to improve IRS communication and responsiveness.
  • Designed systems for attack aircraft, improving interoperability with civilian aircraft components.
  • Persuaded the EPA to accept UV non-chemical disinfection as the equivalent to chemical disinfection in the right situations by performing unprecedented live virus validations.
  • Helped FDA bring new technologies to the dairy industry, promoting simplified regulatory compliance with minimal fine print.

Phyllis helps problem solvers collaborate, working with the ISO, FDA, EPA, International Dairy Foods Association, the International Association for Food Protection and the International Ultraviolet Association on food and water safety issues.
Phyllis looks for the win-win and achieves it.